Lights Over Sheel

— synopsis—

The novel begins in Sheel, a quiet loch-side town on the west coast of Scotland, and follows the parallel stories of Michael Durham and Alistair McNann as they deal with their respective pasts. Michael, his wife Kat and their precocious daughter Annie, are fugitives from FACTOR, a shadowy American organisation dealing with recovered extra terrestrial craft, while Alistair is a down to earth highland farmer tormented by the need to find his grandfather’s hidden diary. Linking these two characters is the colourful character of Alec Hammond-Gill, a retired archaeologist swaggering in a kilt and obsessed with excavating an unusual earth formation north of Sheel called the Barrow.While Alistair hunts for his grandfather’s diary, Michael dictates to an advanced computer the story of his incredible career at FACTOR, an insurance policy against those tracking him down and a revelation of the greatest secret kept from mankind.

However after a young woman is pursued by strange lights on the High Moors above  Sheel, the town becomes the focus for a national live television programme and Michael fears that the attentions of others with more sinister interests will be turned towards them, and he fears for his family and his life as his complex past begins to threaten his present...